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What are decking screws?


What are decking screws?



  Copper coated decking screw  

Decking screws are usually made of copper or coated steel to protect them against rust or corrosion.


It’s important that decking screws can withstand corrosion, as they are designed to be used outside in all weather conditions. 



  Decking screw in deck boards hard and soft wood  

Decking screws are designed for use in hard and soft wood decking boards.


They are very similar to wood screws except that they are much longer and have a sharper tip.



  Decking screw with a countersunk head  

Head shape

Decking screws have several different types of head shape, but the most common is countersunk.

  Square drive on a silver decking screw  

Drive type

Decking screws have several different drive types but the most common is the square drive.

  Decking screw with tapered body and pointed tip  

Body shape and tip

Decking screws have a tapered body and a pointed tip.

  Decking screw threads  


Decking screws can be fully or partially-threaded. Their threads are usually coarse and can be single or twin/double.


How are they inserted?

  Screwing decking screws into decking, pilot hole drilled first  

You may need to drill a pilot hole when using decking screws.


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