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What are the different types of screw tip?


What are the different types of screw tip?

  Screw diagram with highlighted screw tip  

At the very end of the screw is its tip; this is the part that penetrates the material first when the screw is being driven in.


There are many different styles of tip, depending on how you want the screw to be inserted into the material.

  Types of screw tip  

The three main types of screw tip are:

  • Thread-forming

  • Thread-cutting

  • Self-drilling


There is a lot of confusion about the difference between these types of tips, and it seems that hardly anyone can agree on the correct definitions.


These screws are all available to purchase in stores or online but you will find that their names are used interchangeably. 


WONKEE DONKEE has scoured the screw market to provide you with the definitions most manufacturers and users seem to agree on. Read on to find out more…


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