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What are the different types of screws?


What are the different types of screws?


Screws can be broken down into three main categories:


Wood screws

  Two wood screws one black and one gold  

Wood screws are designed for use in hard and softwood, MDF and chipboard. They have a tapered body, coarse threads and a sharp tip.


Machine screws

  Two silver machine screws one with a pan head and the other with a countersunk head  

Machine screws are used for metal working and are designed to be inserted into a tapped hole or tightened with a nut. They usually have a straight body and a flat tip.


Speciality screws

  Mirror screw, decking screw, masonry screw, and a drywall screw  

There are many different types of speciality screws for applications such as drywall, decking, masonry, and ceramic.


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