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What is a slotted screw drive design?


What is a slotted screw drive design?

  Slotted screw drive on a gold wood screw and a silver socket screw  

A slotted drive is characterised by a single straight recess across the screw’s head.

  Slotted screw drive design from above  

Slotted drive as viewed from above.

  Slotted screwdriver bit  

Which screwdriver bit?

Slotted screws are designed to be driven with a flat blade screwdriver bit. Ensure you select the correct size bit for your screw.


For more information, see section: How to select the correct screwdriver bit for the screw.

Advantages    Disadvantages
  • Flat blade bits can be re-ground easily if they wear down

  • Compared to other types, slotted screws are easier and cheaper to manufacture and therefore purchase


  • Flat-blade screwdriver bits tend to slip out of a slotted screw with a lot of torque is applied. This can cause damage to the screw or work surface

  • It’s hard to center a slotted screwdriver bit in a slotted screw drive. Other designs allow for easier centring



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