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What is a torx screw drive design?


What is a torx screw drive design?

  Torx screw drive  

A torx drive is characterised by a star-shaped recess with 6 rounded points.

  Torx screw drive  

Torx drive as viewed from above

  Torx screwdriver bit  

Which screwdriver bit?

A screw with a torx drive is designed to be driven with a torx screwdriver bit. Ensure you select the correct size bit for your screw.


For more information, see section: How to select the correct screwdriver bit for the screw.



  • Allows the screwdriver bit to sit more securely, so more torque can be applied with less risk of the screwdriver bit slipping out of the screw

  • Could be considered fairly resistant to unwanted removal, as they can only be removed using a torx screwdriver bit, which is less commonly owned, compared with a Phillips or flat-blade bit


  • Because a torx bit must fit exactly into a torx drive, a bit that is even slightly worn will struggle to turn the screw. As a result, using torx screws may prove costly if you have to keep replacing bits


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