What are the parts of a screw?


 Parts of a screw: head, drive, shank, thread and tip 

Screw head

 Screw head types: countersunk, raised, and round/domed 

The head of the screw is the top portion, and is usually wider than the rest of the screw’s body.


Screw heads come in many different shapes, but the 3 most common are: countersunk, raised and round/domed.


Screw drive

 Screw drive types: slotted, phillips, and pozidriv 

Cut into the screw’s head is a special design, into which the screwdriver bit fits when driving the screw into a surface. This is known as the drive.


There are many different designs of drive, but the 3 most common are slotted, Philips and pozidriv.


Screw shank

 Screw shank and thread 

The shank is the portion of the screw from underneath its head to where the threads begin.


Screw thread(s)

 Screw shank and thread 

The screw's thread is the helical ridge that runs around its body.

 Wonkee Donkee says "'helical’ refers to the shape of the thread. Which is a helix, or spiral" 

Screw tip

 Screw tip 

At the very end of the screw is its tip, which is the part that penetrates the material first when the screw is being driven in.


There are many different styles of tip. The one on the left is specifically for decking, and so it has a very sharp point.

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