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What are masonry screws?


What are masonry screws?



  Steel coated masonry screw  

Masonry screws are usually made out of coated steel.



  A masonry screw in solid concrete  

They are designed for use in a wide range of masonry materials including solid concrete and brick.



  Hexagonal screw head  

Head shape

Masonry screws have several different head shapes but the two most common are countersunk and hexagonal.

  Masonry screw with pozidriv drive  

Drive type

Masonry screws have several different drive types but the most common is pozidriv.

  Tapered masonry screw with pointed tip  

Body shape and tip

Like wood screws, masonry screws usually have a tapered body and a pointed tip.

  Masonry screw with high low threads  


The threads on masonry screws are often hi-low threads.


How are they inserted?

  anchor / plug to be inserted into pilot hole before screws  

Most masonry screws are used with an anchor/plug which is inserted into a pilot hole before the screw is inserted. However, there are direct fixing masonry screws which do not require an anchor/plug.


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