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What are thread-forming screw tips?


What are thread-forming screw tips?

  Thread forming screw tip  

A screw with a thread-forming tip forms its own thread in material when being driven in.


It does this by pushing against the material rather than cutting through it.



  • Although it deforms the material, it leaves the grain structure virtually intact, which means that the joint is slightly stronger that one made with a thread-cutting screw

  • Can install and remove a thread-forming screw multiple times without significantly damaging the threads or the hole


  • Once it has been driven in, the material that was pushed out of the way now presses against the screw, subjecting it to stress

  Wonkee Donkee says "Please note: Screws with this type of point may still require a pilot hole"  

What are the different types of thread-forming tip? 

  Type AB thread-forming screw tip  

Type AB

A type AB tip has a sharp point that pierces the material as the screw is driven in.

  Gold wood screw with a type AB thread-forming tip  

Type AB tips are often found on wood and sheet metal screws.

  Type B thread-forming tip  

Type B

A type B tip has a flat end and is usually used in light and heavy metals, plastic and plywood.

  Machine screw with a type B tip  

Type B tips are usually found on machine screws only.


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