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How to choose a pin vice?

How to choose a pin vice?

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Ball-headed and swivel head vices

swivel head pin vice Ball-headed and swivel head pin vices are useful for drilling larger holes up to 2.4mm (1/16″). Because of the extra pressure that can be applied, they can be used with harder materials.

English pattern vices

English pattern pin vice English pattern pin vices have hollow handles to hold the longer materials used in precision work e.g. jewellery making.

Double-ended vices

Double ended pin vice Double-ended pin vices have a chuck at each end and a double-ended collet. This allows for the user to switch rapidly between two drill sizes.

Archimedes drill

Archimedes dril The Archimedes drill was designed specifically for precision drilling of holes less than 1.0mm (3/64″) in diameter. With its spring-loaded return mechanism, it makes for easy use.

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