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How to use a pin chuck?

How to use a pin chuck?

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pin chuck

Step 1 – Insert collet

The head of the pin chuck is unscrewed clockwise and the collet required is inserted.

Screwing on pin chuck head

Step 2 – Screw head back on

The head is screwed back on until it is about halfway secured.

Pin chuck and Drill bit

Step 3 – Insert drill bit

The end of the drill bit can then be placed inside the collet and the chuck head fully screwed on to tighten the drill bit in place.

drill with pin chuck

Step 4 – Insert chuck into power drill

The end of the chuck is then inserted into your power drill and will work just the same as with a larger drill bit.

Drill Drilling with small diameter drill bits is no different to drilling with any larger size bit. Drilling at high speed is preferred, but it is fine to go slower just do not put too much pressure on to the smaller bit, otherwise it will snap.

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