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What is a Pin Chuck?

 What is a pin chuck?

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Pin Chuck A pin chuck is a tool used to hold very small diameter drill bits or similar materials that cannot be held by a normal drill chuck.
Regular Drill Chuck and drill bit Normal drill chucks hold bits that have a shank diameter of between 10 – 13mm (⅜” – ½”), whereas pin chucks can hold bits ranging from 0mm – 2.5mm (0″ – ⅛”) in diameter.
Pin chuck set with three collets of different sizes Different-sized collets are inserted into the pin chuck, and vary in diameter to hold small drill bits.

What is a collet?

Collet A collet is a circular device with jaws that forms a collar around an object. The collet is then tightened to hold the bit securely in place.
Chuck and micro bit A collet is needed in a pin chuck to allow it to hold a number of different-sized tool bits.

Also, the collet encompasses the whole bit giving a more secure and stable bit compared with a 3-jaw drill chuck which only grips at 3 points.

  Wonkee Donkee says: 'Whilst collets for other tools can be made of plastic or steel, pin chuck collets are only ever made of steel.'

Woodworking pin chucks

woodworking pin chuck There are two products currently on the market called pin chucks. It is important not to get the two confused.
woodworking pin chuck with pin The other type of pin chuck is mainly used in woodworking. This chuck is a steel rod with a flat cut-out. A pin is placed on this flat and the whole assembly is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the workpiece, twisted and locked into place.
woodturning lathe The end of the pin chuck is then held in a collet or drill-type chuck to hold the piece of wood in a wood-turning lathe.

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