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What is a push pin vice?

What is a push pin vice?

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push pin vice A push pin vice (spiral push drill) has a handle with a smaller twisted piece of steel attaching the chuck. It is similar to an Archimedes drill but the latter is more specialised and designed as a miniature push drill. It is commonly made from steel with a nickel plating but is also available in aluminium. Both metals are rust-resistant.
Using a Push pin vice The vice is pushed down with one hand to create the drilling motion, and held steady with the other. The spiral is pushed up into the handle and this turns the drill piece. Because the handle is spring-loaded, the handle will return to its starting position.
using a push pin vice The vice rotates 3 times per push of the handle, which allows it to drill holes in half the time of other pin vices.

What sizes does it come in?

push pin vice

The push pin vice is approximately 190mm (7½”) long.


Collet size:

Drill bit size:

Size 1

0 – 1.2mm (0 – 3/64″)

Size 2

1.3- 2.4mm (3/64″ – 3/32″)

Size 3

0.8 -2.0mm (1/32″ – 5/64″)

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