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How do you use pin vices in model making?

How to use a pin vice in model making?

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Pinning miniatures

Pinning miniature tools Pinning allows model makers to attach small pieces to their miniature models. This is often done with a pin vice and paper clips.
Drilling hole in miniatures

Step 1 – Drill hole in attachment

First, use a pin vice to drill a hole into the attachment piece.

  Wonkee Donkee says: 'A small drill bit will be needed, a little smaller than the diameter of the paper clip.'
paper clip in attatchment

Step 2 – Use paper clip

Snip a piece off an unravelled paper clip to use as your joiner.

Place a small amount of superglue on the end of the snipped paper clip and insert into the hole.

drilling hole in miniature

Step 3 – Line up paper clip

Line up the open end of the paper clip with your miniature and mark where it is to be attached.

Putting miniature together

Step 4 – Drill hole

Use your pin vice to drill a hole into the miniature, super glue the other end of the paper clip and insert into the hole, before removing any excess.

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