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What is a ball-headed pin vice?

What is a ball-headed pin vice?

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ball headed pin vice A ball-headed pin vice has a ball-shaped handle to aid grip when the tool is turned. The vice is made from steel but the balled handle is often made from wood or plastic.
Plastic and wooden handled Pin vice Wooden and plastic handles are available and are similarly priced. The material of the handle should not affect the vice’s performance.
Ball headed Pin Vice The handle allows for more pressure to be exerted, which can be an advantage when drilling harder materials.

The vice may be better suited for use with larger diameter drill bits as, if used with smaller diameter bits, the ball head of the tool may make it difficult to achieve the precision required.

What sizes does it come in?

ball headed pin vice Ball-headed pin vices vary in length from 70mm to 90mm (2¾” to 3 9/16″) depending on the model.

Collet size:

Drill bit size:

Size 1

0 – 1.2mm (0 – 3/64″)

Size 2

1.3- 2.4mm (3/64″- 3/32″)

Size 3

0.8 -2.0mm (1/32″ – 5/64″)

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