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What is an Archimedes Drill?

 What is an Archimedes drill?

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Archimedes drill An Archimedes drill has the same function as a pin vice, holding small drill bits and hand drilling holes, but is designed specifically for precision drilling of less than 1.0mm (3/64″).

Why is it called an Archimedes drill?

Archimedes Drill The drill is not named the Archimedes drill because Archimedes himself invented the tool. Rather, it is so called because the way in which the drill works is based upon the Archimedes screw design.
Archimedes drill The Archimedes drill has a push down action and the drill turns by pressing down on the mechanism. This allows for easy one-handed drilling with the spring-loaded mechanism helping to return the plunger.
Archimedes drill The knurled plunger is moved up and down the length of the drill, and this turns the chuck. This can be useful when using the drill often as it avoids wrist strain.

What sizes does it come in?

Archimedes Drill head The Archimedes drill is designed to only hold drill bits between 0-1mm (0-1/16″)

Collet size:

Drill bit size:

Size 1

0- 1.2 mm (0- 3/64″)

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