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What are the parts of a pin chuck?

  What are the parts of a pin chuck?

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Pin chuck labelled diagram

Pin chuck head

Pin chuck The pin chuck head is removable, screwing on and off to allow the appropriate collet to be inserted.
Pin chuck and drill bit The small drill bit is then placed into the opening of the collet and the chuck head screwed tight to secure it in place.

The pin chuck end is inserted into the power drill’s chuck.

Pin chuck collet jaws

Collets The jaws of a collet are the pieces that close together around the drill bit (or other device) that you place in the pin chuck.
3 and 4 jawed collets The collets for pin chucks and vices can have 3 or 4 jaws and they vary in size. 4 jaw collets generally have a better grip on drill bits than 3 jaw collets, however this can vary depending on what tool and material you are working with.

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