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What pin chuck sizes are available?

What pin chuck sizes are available?

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Pin chuck Pin chucks are 60mm (2⅜”) long and 12mm (½”) in diameter. They usually have a 6.4 mm (¼”) shaft diameter to fit in a standard mini drill chuck.

What is a mini drill?

Pin Chuck in mini drill Mini drills are hand tools often used for smaller, precision drilling as they are lightweight and can be easily held in the palm of the hand.
Collets The pin chuck has interchangeable collets which are different sizes to fit different drill bits:

 Collet size

Drill bit size:

 Size 1 0-0.75mm (0 -1/32 inches)
 Size 2  0.75-1.5mm (1/32 -1/16 inches)
 Size 3  1.5-2.5mm (1/16 – 3/32 inches)

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