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What is an English pattern pin vice?

What is an English pattern pin vice?

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English pattern pin vice An English pattern pin vice is primarily made of hardened steel with a black oxide coating. It has the added advantage of being hollow to hold longer pieces of material, especially wire in jewellery making.

It is known as an English pattern pin vice as it was historically manufactured in England and was named after the ridged design around the handle.

Black iron oxide The black oxide coating gives the vice a hard protective layer that is corrosion-resistant. Black oxide coatings are less expensive than other protective coatings such as nickel plating.

What sizes does it come in?

English pattern pin vices English pattern pin vices come in 4 standard sizes:


Drill bit size:

121 type

0 – 1.0 mm (0 – 3/64″)

122 type

0.8 – 1.5mm (1/32″ – 1/16″)

123 type

1.3 – 3.1mm (3/16″ – ⅛”)

124 type

3.0 – 4.8mm (⅛” – 3/16″)

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