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Wonkee Donkee’s Guide to Inspection Camera’s Control Buttons

Wonkee Donkee’s guide to an inspection

camera’s control buttons

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Wonkee Donkee's guide to control buttons All inspection cameras have various control buttons which allow the device to carry out different actions. The symbols on these control buttons indicate the features that the inspection camera has. These can sometimes be confusing, as each model of camera may have different features available.
List of all the inspection camera symbols Below is a list of all the general buttons that an inspection camera might have, and what their symbols mean.


Power button The power button turns the monitor on and off.


Brightness button for LED lights This button controls the brightness of the LED lights on the camera head. There may also be a second brightness buttons to control the brightness of the screen.

Play / View images

Playback and view images button This button is usually used to play videos that have been recorded. However, on some models pressing it may also take the user to the folder where images and videos are stored.


Folder button Other models will have a separate button to symbolise the camera’s folder, where images are saved.

Take photo

Button to take photos This button allows the user to take photos.

Record video

Record videos on your inspection camera The record button allows the user to make videos and can vary on different models. Most commonly, a video camera symbol will be used, however, a small red circle can also be found on some inspection cameras.


Rotate button This button will rotate the image on screen, whether it be a live camera view or a photo taken previously. On most models of inspection camera the image can be rotated in a clockwise direction 90 degrees at a time.


Zoom button for close-ups The zoom button gives the user a close-up view of an image. This feature can either be used on a current, live image or an image that has been stored.


Navigate button When an image has been zoomed in, there are four arrow buttons (one for each direction) that allow the user to navigate across the image. They can also be used to choose the correct settings when selecting the language, date and time on an inspection camera.

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