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A Brief History of the Inspection Camera

A brief history of the inspection camera

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Inspection camera has derived from a borescope An inspection camera is part of the borescope family. The borescope was first invented in 1960 by Indian-born American physicist Narinder Kapany and American optical physicist Brian O’Brien. This original invention was made with a rigid tube which the user could look down to see into small or tight spaces.
Endoscopes are used for examining the human body From this, the borescope has been developed many times to be used for a variety of tasks and situations. Some borescopes are made for specific jobs, such as the endoscope which is designed for doctors to examine inside the human body, without having to cut the patient open.
Inspection camera viewing behind a wall Through these developments, the modern-day inspection camera – designed for domestic DIY and many trades and professions – eventually appeared.

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