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What is an inspection camera made of?

What is an inspection camera made of?

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What is an inspection camera made of? In terms of materials, an inspection camera can be separated into three sections: the camera head, the cable and the handle.

Camera head

Camera head is made of aluminium


The camera head is commonly made out of aluminium; a soft and ductile type of metal, meaning it can be deformed without breaking.

An inspection camera's head is made out of aluminium Aluminium is used because it has high corrosion-resistant qualities, meaning it is unlikely to rust. This is an essential quality for an inspection camera, especially a waterproof model, as it is used in many different environments.


Cable is made out of fibreglass


The cable is usually made from fibreglass, a type of reinforced plastic made from glass fibres.

Inspection camera cable is made of fibreglass for flexibility Fibreglass is used for the cable as it is a strong yet lightweight and flexible material that can be bent in various directions. This means the cable is not restricted and can to be inserted into any area or object, no matter what the shape.


Handle is made from plastic


The inspection camera’s handle is commonly made from plastic, which is lightweight and wear-resistant.

Handle can have rubber grips


Part of the handle may also have rubber grips, making it easier to hold on to when the inspection camera is in use.

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