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How to use an inspection camera?

How to use an inspection camera?

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Wonkee Donkee tips on how to use an inspection camera For making investigations into tight, confined or out-of-view spaces, an inspection camera is an essential tool to have.
Turn trigger switch to turn camera system on

Step 1 – Turn device on

Some inspection cameras have a single switch that turns on both the camera and monitor; others have separate switches for camera and monitor. The LED lights on the camera head will light up to show when the camera is in use.

Check that inspection camera is working properly

Step 2 – Check image

Check that the camera is functioning properly and that a clear picture is coming through to the screen.

Set language

Step 3 – Set language

If this is the first time you have used your inspection camera, it might ask you to set the language. Simply choose your language of choice, using the control buttons.

Set date and time

Step 4 – Set date and time

Similarly, it may ask you to set the date and time. Choose the correct date and time and set it by, again, pressing the correct buttons. After this the picture on screen should show the camera’s point of view.

Insert camera head into area

Step 5 – Insert camera head

Insert the camera head into the area that you wish to inspect.

Navigate camera using the cable

Step 6 – Navigate camera

Navigate the camera in the direction you wish it to go using the flexible cable. At this point, be sure to avoid any tight bends to prevent damaging the cable.

Use the screen to see what the camera is seeing

Step 7 – Inspect

Anything the camera ‘sees’ will be transmitted onto the monitor so you can observe where the camera is going and what it has come across.

Wonkee Donkee says 'Remember to use the control buttons to take pictures, etc'
Press and hold down button to turn the inspection camera off

Step 8 – Turn device off

Once you have finished your inspection and removed the camera head from the designated area, you can turn the device off by pressing the power switch. (If the camera has separate switches then both will need to be pressed to turn all parts off.)

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