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What is an Inspection Camera?

What is an inspection camera?

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An inspection camera can see out of reach areas An inspection camera is an optical device used to gain visual access to areas that are otherwise out of view.
Wonkee Donkee DIY guide to inspection cameras The device can also be referred to as a video borescope or a videoscope.
What the camera sees is transmitted onto the screen An inspection camera’s construction consists of a long flexible tube, which has a video camera at its end, and a small screen which is connected to the camera. Whatever the camera ‘sees’ is displayed on the screen to allow the user to view the inspected area.
Inspection camera screen to see pictures or videos The camera is a very useful tool to have, especially in situations where the object to be inspected is out of reach. It can take pictures and record videos, so the user can have a proper look at its findings.
Viewing down the pipe of a toilet with an inspection camera Its ability to reach out-of-view areas means it is used for investigating objects which the user would otherwise be unable to see, such as hidden car parts, a drain or toilet pipe, or the barrel of a gun.
Inspection cameras are used by many different people It is a tool often used by many tradespeople, including mechanics, plumbers, engineers, gunsmiths, plasterers, surveyors, and DIYers.

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