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What inspection camera sizes are available?

What inspection camera sizes are available?

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What inspection camera sizes are available? Inspection cameras are available in a range of different sizes.

Monitor size

Monitor sizes can vary between makes and models of inspection camera The term ‘size’ when referring to an inspection camera’s monitor is the diagonal length from one corner of the screen to the other. The size of an inspection camera’s monitor can vary, depending on the make and model.
Monitor size The monitor most commonly comes in sizes ranging from 60mm (2.4″) to 90mm (3.5″). However, larger models are available which can have a screen width of up to 180mm (7″).

Camera head diameter

Diameter of a camera head can vary The diameter of the camera head is important as it indicates how small an area the camera can access.
Camera head diameter The camera head diameter is usually between 9mm (0.4″) and 17mm (0.7″) on most models. However, similarly to the size of the monitor, this can increase on larger models and can go up to 25mm (1″).

Cable length

Inspection camera cable length indicates how far the camera can reach The cable is the part that connects the camera head to the monitor. The length of the cable indicates how far the camera can reach when inspecting.
Inspection camera cable length An inspection camera’s cable can vary greatly in length, depending whether it is a reel or a hand-held camera. It can range anywhere between 900mm (35″) up to 99m (325′).


Inspection camera weight The weight of an inspection camera can range from 0.5kg up to 19.5kg (1-43lb), depending on its size.

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