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How to charge an inspection camera?

How to charge an inspection camera?

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An inspection camera battery will need to be charged up Some inspection cameras have parts that will need recharging at some point, to keep the device in working order. These parts are usually the rechargeable battery and the screen. Below are some steps explaining how this is done.
All parts must be connected when on charge The camera screen may be powered by a separate battery. This battery can be charged up simultaneously with the main lithium-ion battery when connected to a charger. This is convenient for the user, as the two do not need to be charged separately. This also applies to models with a detachable screen. However, the screen must be attached to the main body of the inspection camera during charging.

Charging a lithium-ion battery

Inspection camera battery and screen can be charged at the same time If you are using an inspection camera that is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, then it will need charging up every so often. It is important to make sure the battery is fully charged before use, so that the inspection camera works for as long as possible.

When the battery is charging, the camera screen will then charge simultaneously.

Connect the charger to the inspection camera

Step 1 – Connect charger

Connect one end of the charger to the inspection camera by inserting the end into the appropriate socket.

Connect charger to power source Connect the other end of the charger to an electrical power outlet.
Light will flash when battery is charging

Step 2 – Charge

When charging, the battery indicator light will flash. Keep charging until the light stops flashing and remains constantly illuminated. This means that the battery is now fully charged.

Charge time of each inspection camera will vary The charge time on each model will vary, although most will need to be charged for at least 30 minutes and will then have a battery life of 3-4 hours.
Disconnect charger from the inspection camera and the plug

Step 3 – Disconnect charger

Disconnect the charger from the inspection camera, and store in a safe place.

Battery symbol should appear full to indicate when it is fully charged

Step 4 – Check battery power

On the inspection camera’s screen, the battery symbol should now appear full, to signify that the battery is fully charged.

Once charged, your inspection camera is ready for use Your inspection camera is now ready to be used.

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