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What are the different types of inspection camera?

What are the different types of inspection camera?

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There are various types of inspection camera There are different types of inspection camera available. These include a hand-held, a reel, and a waterproof inspection camera. Below is some information regarding each type.

Hand-held inspection camera

Hand-held inspection camera checking hole in the wall A hand-held model is the most common type of inspection camera. As the name suggests, this design of camera is held in the user’s hand while the camera cable is inserted into the area to be investigated.
Hand-held cordless inspection camera Hand-held models are usually cordless to allow portability when in use. This means the inspection camera can be moved and used anywhere the user wishes.
Ideal tool for inspecting machinery Its lightweight design also adds to its versatility, as it is easy to carry around and can be held for long periods of time. It is an ideal model of camera to have when inspecting machinery and vehicles because it can be easily manoeuvred.

Reel inspection camera

Reel type connected to a hand-held inspection camera A reel inspection camera differs from other types as it has a long cable with a camera head at the end, but no screen.

The cable can, however, be connected to any compatible monitor, such as a video recorder, laptop or even a hand-held inspection camera. This allows the user to see what the camera is ‘seeing’ in much the same way as a hand-held type.

Reel inspection cameras have a longer cable length Although the lack of monitor may seem like a disadvantage, there is also a major advantage to this type of camera compared with the hand-held version, which is its cable length. A reel inspection camera has a much longer cable length in order for the camera to reach greater distances.
Looking down a drain with a reel inspection camera This means it is the ideal type of camera to be used for checking down long pipes, drains and household guttering, as the camera can reach further into the pipe than a hand-held camera could.

Waterproof inspection camera

Waterproof cameras can be submerged in water A waterproof type is an inspection camera that has been designed with a camera head and cable that are able to withstand being submerged in water and other forms of liquid.

To see the level of protection a waterproof inspection camera has against liquids, check its I.P. rating on the product specifications. For more information, see What is an international protection code?

Waterproof hand-held inspection camera Both hand-held and reel inspection cameras have waterproof models available.
Waterproof cameras can be used in waterpipes such as sinks These cameras are ideal for being used to inspect any type of water pipe, such as a toilet, a sink, a drain or a sewer.

They are commonly used to check for blockages and cracks, as they can help determine the extent of the problem without causing excessive damage. This can save a lot of time and money when working with water pipes, making the device an extremely useful tool to have.

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