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How to install AA batteries in an inspection camera?

How to install AA batteries in an inspection camera?

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AA batteries will need to be self installed by the user If you are using an inspection camera that is powered by AA batteries, then you will often need to install these yourself, as they are usually purchased separately.
how to install disposable batteries in an inspection camera The batteries will usually be situated either in the bottom of the handle or behind the screen. The position will be stated in the product instruction manual, so check this before you begin. To install the batteries, follow these simple steps:
Remove battery cover to open up battery compartment

Step 1 – Open battery compartment

If the batteries are situated behind the screen, remove the piece of material that covers the battery compartment by sliding it off or unscrewing it.

Place batteries within the compartment Alternatively, if it is placed within the handle, you will need to remove the battery compartment from inside the handle. Do this by releasing the clip and pulling it out.
The battery compartment indicates where to place each battery

Step 2 – Insert batteries

Insert your four new AA batteries into the appropriate slots. The correct orientation of the batteries will be indicated on the back of the battery compartment.

Inspection camera in use

Step 3 – Return parts

Return all parts into the appropriate slots, so that the batteries are covered and protected. Your inspection camera is now ready to use.

Wonkee Donkee tip on replacing disposable batteries

Donkee Tip

When the power runs low, replace all four batteries at the same time, rather than one by one, otherwise the old batteries will drain the new ones. Replacing all of the batteries at the same time means they will last longer.

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