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Inspection Camera Maintenance and Care

Inspection camera maintenance and care

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Wonkee Donkee inspection camera maintenance and care The maintenance and care of an inspection camera is very important in keeping the device in working order. An inspection camera can be a costly product, and so should be considered an investment which the user can use for a long time.


Clean camera lens to prevent dirt from building up


The lens of the camera will need to be cleaned after each use, especially if it has been used to view dirty areas, such as into a drain or sewer.

Oil and dirt can damage your inspection camera lens Cleaning the camera will also keep oil, grease and grit from building up, which would damage the camera if left over time.
Use a dry cloth to clean the inspection camera lens When cleaning, do not use an oil based cleanser, as this could impair the camera lens. Instead, use a dry cloth and gently wipe the camera head to remove any dirt or debris.
Keep your rechargeable battery in top condition


If your inspection camera is using a rechargeable battery, then it must be kept in a decent condition.

Let the battery run out and then fully recharge it It is best to let the battery completely discharge (die out) and then fully recharge it, in order to preserve the life of the battery for as long as possible.
Always use correct charger When charging the battery, make sure to check for signs of damage or leakage, and if you see any faults do not continue to use it.
 Donkee says 'Remember to always use the correct charger'
Important to protect cable from damage


The cable is a very important part of an inspection camera’s system and also needs to be taken care of.

Check area where you are placing the cable beforehand Before using the camera, check that you are not placing the cable anywhere it might get damaged, broken, or wet (if not a waterproof model).


Keep your inspection camera in a dry safe place Store your inspection camera in a dry and safe environment to keep it in top condition.
Put your inspection camera in a case if you have one It is also preferable to place your inspection camera in a case, which will help to keep it clean and dust-free when not in use.

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