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Which type of battery should you choose?

Which type of battery should you choose?

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Which type of battery should you choose? When purchasing an inspection camera, you will need to consider whether you would prefer a type that uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or a type that uses a number of AA batteries.
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery vs. disposable AA batteries Essentially, the type of battery powering you choose should depend on how often you will be using the inspection camera.
A rechargeable inspection camera is ideal for users who will use it often or for long periods If the inspection camera is being purchased to be used in a work environment, for example by a plumber, engineer or mechanic, and will be used on a regular basis then a lithium-ion battery would be best. This is because its power tends to last longer in between charges than any other type of battery.
Rechargeable batteries are ideal if the inspection camera will be used for long periods of time Therefore, a lithium-ion type of battery is ideal in an inspection camera that will be used for long periods of time, as its overall lifespan is much greater than that of an AA battery.
Rechargeable battery camera can work out cheaper than a disposable battery camera A lithium-ion battery can also work out cheaper in the long term, for two reasons. Firstly, AA batteries will need replacing more often (even rechargeable versions). Secondly, an inspection camera using a lithium-ion battery will have all the necessary parts included, such as the battery and the battery charger.
A battery charger will need to be purchased for rechargeable AA batteries In contrast, a model using AA batteries often require the user to buy these separately. On top of this, if you choose to use rechargeable AA batteries you will also need to purchase a battery charger. This is a small device which plugs into an electrical outlet, and allows the batteries to be inserted and charged up.
Disposable battery powered camera ideal for domestic use However, if you only intend to use the camera every now and then, such as for domestic inspections, then a model using AA batteries will be ideal, as it is much cheaper to buy than a model using a rechargeable lithium-ion pack.
Using a mains powered inspection camera Also, a model using disposable AA batteries may be best if the camera will be used for outdoor inspections, such as checking drain pipes, where an electrical power source may not be available.

This is because, if the battery runs out, a lithium-ion model cannot be recharged without a power outlet, differing from a disposable model where the AA batteries can be easily and quickly replaced.

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