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How to record a video with an inspection camera?

How to record a video with an inspection camera?

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Inspection cameras can often record videos Most models of inspection camera are capable of recording videos and saving them onto the device’s internal memory or an SD memory card.
Can use the inspection camera to show colleagues This is a useful feature to have when showing a co-worker or customer what the camera has found during an inspection.
Use the inspection camera to investigate the area

Step 1 – Inspect

Use your camera to inspect the area.

Press record button to start a video

Step 2 – Press record

To record a video, simply press the button with a symbol of a video camera or a red circle on it. Once pressed, a small red circle will also appear somewhere on your screen to show the camera is recording.

To stop recording, press the same button for a second time. This will end the video and the camera will automatically save it in the folder.

Go to the camera folder to review the video

Step 3 – Review

You can review the video by pressing the play symbol, which will take you to your folder. The videos in the folder are usually organised by date and time.

Transfer videos onto a laptop for viewing

Step 4 – Transfer

If you wish to store your videos permanently or watch them on a larger screen, you can transfer them onto a computer using the SD card or a USB cable.

Delete videos off the camera once you have finished with them

Step 5 – Delete

Alternatively, if you do not wish to keep the video any longer, you can delete it by pressing the button with a bin symbol on it.

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