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What are utility and multi-purpose tin snips?

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Utility tinsnip Utility and multi-purpose tin snips can cut a variety of materials, and are not designed specifically for sheet metal.

As well as cutting light metals such as aluminium and copper, these tin snips can be used for cutting various other materials, for example:

Utility snip cutting twig Plants and twigs
Plastic Plastic
Carpets and rugs Carpet and rugs
copper and aluminium wire Copper and aluminium wire
Clothing materials Clothing
cardboard Cardboard
vinyl siding PVC siding


MUltipurpose tinsnip cutting plastic Utility and multi-purpose tin snips are used for completing many household and workshop cutting tasks. They are built for general purpose around the home, due to the fact that they can cut a variety of different materials.

These snips often have cushioned grip handles to add comfort during use.

Spring Utility and multi-purpose tin snips are spring-loaded to aid the user in cutting tough materials and make the job easier.

The spring makes the handles move back into place when force is released to allow for a smooth and continuous cutting motion.

multi-purpose tin snip


Utility and multi-purpose tin snips can range in length and are available in150mm (6″ approx.), 190mm (7.5″ approx.), and 220mm (9″ approx.) lengths.

If the snips have a longer length, then the tool as a whole becomes longer, as both the handles and blades increase in size.

tape measure All sizes of multi-purpose snips are capable of cutting the materials listed above. However, when cutting thicker materials, such as carpet and plastic, it may be best to purchase the longest model, as the extra length can provide greater leverage to the user and make the cutting process easier.

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