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What are aviation snips used for?

What are aviation snips used for?

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Aviation snips were developed for use with sheet metal in aircraft construction Originally developed for cutting the intricate shapes required to turn sheet metal into the body of aircrafts, aviation snips are still used for this today. However, they are now used in many other industries which use sheet metal and other sheet materials.

Below are just some of the common uses for this versatile tool.


Aviaiton snips can be used for cutting sheet metal for body work on cars Perhaps the most obvious industry to adopt the tool is the automotive industry, as it has many similarities with the aircraft industry. Used mainly for body work modifications and repairs, aviation snips can cut the designs required in sheet metal.
Left cut aviation snips are ideal for cutting left-hand cuts, and right cut aviation snips can be used for right-hand curves Also, awkwardly positioned panels can be reached by using aviation snips with an appropriate design. For example, you could easily cut around a tight left-hand curve with left cut aviation snips.

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning

HVAC repair and installation require sheet metal to be cut accurately, aviation snips can be used for this The tubes, pipes and heat shields used in the HVAC industry require precision cutting of sheet metal, so they conform to standards. Aviation snips are able to reach these parts and cut the required shapes easily.

Home repairs and remodelling

Many home repair jobs couls be made easier with aviaiton snips Various jobs around the house may require tough materials to be cut accurately. Some examples of home repair tasks which can be carried out using aviation snips include: cutting corner beads, tin tiles, guttering or aluminium and tin roof panels.
Wire mesh can be cut with aviation snips Aviation snips can also be used for some more general purposes around the home, such as cutting carpet, vinyl flooring, thick cardboard, sheet plastic or wire mesh.


Aviation snips can be used to cut sheet metal for making jewellery and other crafts. Another popular home use for aviation snips is for various craft work. Sheets of different metals and other materials can be cut into intricate shapes and used to produce jewellery, ornaments and other decorative items.
Perhaps one of the more unusual uses of aviation snips is modifying shoes? Some of the less conventional uses may include, making armour, cutting up old CDs and shoe modification.
Wonkee Donkee says "I like to cut animal shapes out of sheet metal using aviation snips"

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