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What are bulldog pattern tin snips?

What are bulldog pattern tin snips?

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bulldog pattern tinsnip Bulldog pattern tin snips are designed specifically to cut, trim or notch tough alloys (notch meaning to create an indentation or incision on a surface’s edge). They can do this as they have long handles for leverage and short but strong blades.
stainless steel sheets They have the greatest capacity of all the tin snips and are able to cut up to 16 gauge of mild steel and 18 gauge stainless steel or galvanised iron.
strap iron band Their design means they are a hand tool commonly used for metal work, as they have the lowest gauge capability of all the tin snips. Their short blades and long handles for leverage allow them to cut through tough metals, such as strap iron bands.
beam with strap support Straps are used to hold and support many objects, for example ceiling beams or duct work and, so, bulldog tin snips can be used when these need modifying.


bulldog pattern tin snip They are named bulldog pattern tin snips because of their short but strong blades. They look very similar in design to straight pattern tin snips, except they have much longer handles and shorter blades. This allows them to have greater leverage when metal cutting and so gives them the power to cut thicker gauge metal.
bulldog handles Similarly to the straight pattern design, they have finger and thumb holes to allow for comfort and control when cutting tough materials, as the hands don’t lose grip.
drop forged Their blades are tempered and made of drop forged high carbon steel, making them the strongest of the tin snips.
straight, left and right cutting  They are capable of cutting either in straight lines or gentle curves to the left and right in heavy duty metal.
tape measure


Bulldog tin snips are available in one size which is 410mm (16″ approx.) in length.

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