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What are jewellers tin snips?

What are jewellers tin snips?

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Jewellers tinsnip The jewellers tin snip is specially designed with fine pointed blades for lighter duty metals.
metal shapes It is an ideal tin snip for use on precious materials, such as copper, silver and gold as it is designed especially for cutting intricate shapes in light metals.
using jewellers tinsnips The jewellers tin snip is a tool commonly used by hobbyists, professional silversmiths, and jewellers (hence the name).


Jewellers The tin snip’s long handles give the user greater control as the area for the hand to grip is greater. This makes it easier to perfect awkward and difficult cuts. Some models of the jewellers tin snip have a curvature at the end of their handles which provides a safety stop to users, so that their hands don’t get pinched when attempting difficult cuts.
difference in jewellers blades Jewellers tin snips are available in both straight and curved cut versions. The only difference between these two is that one has straight blades while the other has curved blades.
necklaces The blades are shorter and slightly more pointed than other tinsnips. This is in order to make it easier to use the tool in restricted spaces, for example when cutting detailed or awkward shapes out of metal for pieces of jewellery.
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Jewellers tin snips are available in one size which is 175mm (7″ approx.) in length.

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