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How to sharpen tin snips?

How to sharpen tin snips

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dull tin snip As with all tools, it is important to maintain and care for your tin snips. Follow these simple steps to help keep them in a favourable condition.

When a tin snip’s blades begin to dull, they will need sharpening. The blades should be sharpened on a regular basis to keep them cutting efficiently.

donkee guide Unfortunately, only ground edged blades should be sharpened, as attempting to sharpen serrated edges will only damage the snips. If you own snips with serrated edges that have become dull then it is recommended that you purchase a new pair.

Sharpening the blades


Step 1 – Clean

Use a dry cloth to carefully wipe the blades to remove any dirt or debris.

Open blades

Step 2 – Separate blades

Open the blades as wide as possible or dismantle them by removing the bolt.

Closely examine the blades at this point for any defects or marks in the metal.


Step 3 – File

File each blade in a single direction from the pivot towards the tip using a metal filer.

where to file a blade Angle the file so that it only files the blade’s slanted edge, and not the whole face of the blade.

Keep a firm grip on both the snip and the file and continue until your actions appear effective and you have a clean and sharpened blade.


Step 4 – Polish

Finish by polishing the slanted edge of the blade with a whetstone which has been soaked in water.

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