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What are duckbill pattern tin snips?

What are duckbill pattern tin snips?

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duckbill tinsnips The duckbill pattern tin snip is also known as a ‘trojan pattern tin snip’. It is simple in design, similar to the straight pattern tin snip. This, however, is where the similarities end as the duckbill tin snip is designed for completely different purposes to the straight pattern tool. Duckbill tin snips are delicate and are only made for light duty metal work.
measuring metal thickness They are the lightest duty tool and can cut thinner metal than other tin snips. Duckbill snips only have the capacity to cut a thickness of up to 21 gauge mild steel metal, depending on the size of the snip. This varies on each individual model as some cannot cut above 26 gauge mild steel.


duckbill tinsnip blades They are named duckbill tin snips due to the shape of their blades, which resemble a duck’s beak. Their blades taper down from the pivot point to the tip of the blade. They also have a flattened jaw. These characteristics allow the duckbill tin snip to cut sharper curves and circles with greater ease than other tin snips.
Duckbill handles They are mostly used for left or right curve cuts. They can also be used for straight cuts if needed, however, the finished result will not be as satisfactory as a cut made with the straight pattern tin snips. Similarly to straight pattern tin snips, they have thumb and finger holes in their handles so that they don’t slip out of the user’s grip when cutting small and difficult tasks.
different size duckbill tinsnips


The size of the tin snip you choose should depend on the job in hand. Duckbill pattern tin snips are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate for different tasks. If the tin snip has a longer length then the tool as a whole becomes longer, as both the handles and blades increase in size.

They range in length from 178-330mm (7-13″ approx.).

Here is a guide to the size of tin snip that should be used for different metal thickness. Please not that this may change slightly between each model.

tape measure

Tin snip

 Mild steel / soft metal (ga)

 Stainless steel (ga)

 7″  26  28
 10″  24  26
 12″  22  24
 13″  21  23

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