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What are tin snips made of?

What are tin snips made of?

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tin snip A tin snip’s body can be separated into two sections: the blades and the handles. The blades are usually made from steel, while the material of the handles can vary depending on each model of snip.


different types of tinsnip blades

Drop forged steel

A tin snip’s blades are commonly made from drop forged steel. Forged steel parts are generally believed to be superior to metals made by other methods as forging often produces a better quality finish.

Drop forging Forging is a manufacturing process used to shape metal using localised compressive forces. In contemporary times, forging has become a successful world-wide industry. Drop forging is a process which includes raising a hammer and then dropping it onto metal in order to form it into a chosen shape.
Blades Using the drop forging process means the blades are of a high quality and strength – a plus when it comes to cutting.
Tempering Their blades are then usually hardened and tempered, a process of heat treating which increases the strength of metal. The fact that their blades are hardened and tempered also ensures long lasting durability.



Drop forged steel

A tin snip’s handles are also made from drop forged steel, however, the type of coating on top of the handles can vary. The primary reason for coating the handles is to protect the steel from damage.

straight cut


Some models of tin snips have a simple coating of enamel paint covering their handles. Enamel paint is ideal for coating surfaces that will be subject to hard wear, variations in temperature or outdoor use.

bi-material coated handles


Other models have a bi-material coating on the handles, which is made up of two different materials and, on tin snips, usually consists of rubber and/or plastic.

This type of coating gives the user a comfortable and cushioned grip when cutting tough materials. The rubber grips also prevent the tin snip from slipping out of the user’s grasp.

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