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What are curved tin snips?

What are curved tin snips?

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curved tinsnip Curved tin snips are perfect for cutting arches, bends and circular shapes in sheet metal due to their rounded blades.
curved cutting They are best used on soft sheet metals, such as mild steel or aluminium, as on these they have a lower gauge capacity.


cutting with curved tinsnips The long handles aim to give the user a comfortable grip while maintaining control over the cutting action.
curved blade Curved tin snips have rounded blades designed for tasks requiring cutting curves or circles. Due to the curvature of the blades, they are able to cut in a tight radius in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
curved hollow ground blade The blades have hollow ground faces, ensuring the blades are sharp enough to shear through the material while also keeping a firm grip on the object.
curved tin snip


The size of the tin snip you choose should depend on the job in hand, as curved tin snips are available in 3 different sizes, whereby the whole of the tool increases in length. Curved tin snips can come in the following lengths:

200mm (8″ approx.), 250mm (10″ approx.), 300mm (12″ approx.)

size The bigger the tin snip, the greater its capacity, and so you should choose your snip based on the gauge of material that needs to be cut. Here is a guide to the size of tin snip that should be used for different metal thickness. Please not that this may change slightly between each model.
tape measure

Tin snip

 Mild steel / soft metal (ga)

 Stainless steel (ga)

 8″  22 24
 10″  20 22
 12″  18 22

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