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What are straight cut tin snips?

What are straight cut tin snips?

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straight cut tinsnip Straight cut tin snips are designed for the simple straight cutting and trimming of sheet metals using a scissor-like action.
variety of sheet metals They can be used on a variety of different sheet metals, including soft metals (aluminium, copper and brass), mild steel and stainless steel.
sheet metal Straight cut tin snips are often used for cutting straight lines and square objects.


Open blades This tin snip’s straight blades don’t allow for any curves. The hollow, ground face of the blade’s edge shears sharply through the metal while ensuring the material doesn’t slip out of the jaws.
Straight handles snips These tin snips are designed with an all metal construction, as both the blades and handles are made from drop forged steel. This increases the tin snip’s strength and makes cutting less strenuous on the user. The tin snip’s long handles aim to give the user a comfortable and spacious grip while maintaining control over the cutting action.
different size straight cut


Straight cut tin snips are available in four different sizes, whereby the whole of the tool increases in length. These lengths may, however, vary slightly between manufacturers.

200mm (8″ approx.), 250mm (10″ approx.), 300mm (12″ approx.), 350mm (14″ approx.)

The length you choose should depend on the job in hand.

size and weight The longer the tin snips, the greater their capacity, and so you should choose your snips based on the gauge of material that needs to be cut. Here is a guide to the size of tin snip that should be used for different metal thickness. Please not that this may change slightly between each model.
tape measure

Tin snip

 Mild steel / soft metal (ga)

 Stainless steel (ga)

 8″  24  26
 10″  22  24
 12″  20  22
 14″  18  20

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