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How to make straight cuts with snips?

How to make straight cuts with snips?

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Marking a guideline

Step 1 – Mark guide line

Begin by using a felt pen to mark a cutting line on your metal for accuracy. For straight cuts, use a ruler to make sure your line is perfectly straight.

trimming metal

Top tip

Snips are not commonly designed for cutting through the middle of large pieces of sheet metal. If the user attempts to do this, their finishing line may be distorted and the cut line will be rough.

If cutting through a large piece of metal, relieve the pressure on the snips by trimming the edges down to get closer to the cut line before beginning.

straight cutting metal in jaw clasp

Step 2 – Open blades

Next open the blades as widely as possible and place the sheet metal into their clasp.

Straight cutting

Step 3 – Start cutting

Hold the metal securely and squeeze the snip’s handles together. As you proceed, make sure to cut with long, smooth strokes.

Do not close the blades completely when cutting, or their tip may produce dimples in the metal.

scrap meetal

Step 4 – Hold waste

As you cut, waste metal from your guide line will curl up.

Straight cutting 2 Keep the pathway of your pen line clear of any rising metal by holding it up with your free hand  to prevent it from binding on the handles. This will make the cutting process easier and keep a clear view of your line.
straight cut metal

Step 5 – Continue cutting

Keep cutting along your guide line until you have a clean finish and a perfectly straight piece of metal.

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