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What is a clip-on gas regulator?

What is a clip-on gas regulator?

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Silver clip-on gas regulator A clip-on gas regulator is a low pressure device that fits on top of the cylinder valve and locks into place when pushed downwards.
Connecting hose to clip-on regulator The regulator is connected to the appliance by a hose which is pushed over the spigot, also known as a barb.
Five types of clip-on regulators There are many types of on the market. The clip mechanisms vary in design, with some easier to use than others.

For more information see: How to fit a clip-on gas regulator.

Clip-on lever regulator with arrows to double lever mechanism and release button Many clip-on regulators now have a double locking lever which closes both the cylinder valve and the valve inside the regulator for extra security. There is also a release button that you push in when you want to remove the regulator.
Blue butane and orange propane clip-on regulators Clip-on regulators are available to fit either butane or propane gas cylinders.

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