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How to fit a campingaz regulator?

How to fit a Campingaz regulator

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Arrows showing how to unscrew Campingaz cylinder handle anti-clockwise

Step 1 – Detach cylinder handle

Take off the carry handle on top of the cylinder by unscrewing it anti-clockwise.

Turning Campingaz regulator control knob clockwise

Step 2 – Check regulator is off

Turn the control knob at the front of the regulator clockwise to make sure it’s switched off.

Arrows showing how to unscrew dust cap anti-clockwise

Step 3 – Take off dust cap

Turn the regulator upside down and unscrew the protective cap from the bottom tip by turning it anti-clockwise.

Screw regulator into cylinder valve thread until it's tight

Step 4 – Attach regulator

Put the bottom tip of the regulator into the cylinder valve thread and twist the whole regulator clockwise round and round until it feels tight.

A small puff of gas may be released at this point as the screw tip connects with a ball valve inside the cylinder, but this is nothing to worry about.

Turning Campingaz control knob anti-clockwise with directional arrows

Step 5 – Turn on gas

Twist the control knob anti-clockwise to switch on the gas supply.

How to remove a Campingaz regulator

Turning knob clockwise and regulator anti-clockwise to remove from cylinder

Step 1 – Turn off gas

Turn the control knob clockwise to switch off the gas, then turn the regulator in an anti-clockwise direction until it comes loose.

Turning dust cap clockwise to put back on regulator

Step 2 – Replace dust cap

To protect the screw tip of the regulator, put the protective plastic cap back by turning it clockwise.

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