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What gas regulator sizes are available?

What gas regulator sizes are available?

Regulators come in several different sizes and it’s important to always match the right size to the cylinder as well as to the hose. There are four types of fitting in the UK:


Bullnose (POL) screw-on for propane 


Clip-on for butane or propane


Bolt-on for Calor butane 4.5kg


Screw-on for Campingaz

How to find out the size of a gas regulator?

The size of the regulator is printed underneath, in this instance 27mm, which is the diameter of its inlet valve. Always check that you have the correct size for the cylinder before you connect it.


Never try and force a regulator onto a cylinder that’s a different size. You could damage the valve and cause a gas leak.

Bullnose or POL Regulator

The bullnose, or POL, propane regulator is very versatile as it fits most propane gas cylinders between 6kg and 47kg.  


The standard clip-on butane regulator has a 21mm valve and can be used with all modern butane gas cylinders larger than 4.5kg.  


This type of regulator is also available with a 20mm valve to fit older cylinders which require this size. 

Clip-On Regulators

You can also get clip-on regulators with 27mm valves to fit patio gas (propane) cylinders, also known as leisure gas. 


The bolt-on butane regulator will only fit 4.5kg Calor cylinders, although adaptors are available for use with other sizes.

Campingaz Gas Regulator

The Campingaz regulator is designed to fit all three sizes of refillable Campingaz cylinder – the 901 0.4kg, 904 1.8kg and 907 2.75kg. 

Different Size Gas Regulator

All these regulators have a nozzle size of 8mm, which means they require a gas hose of 8mm internal diameter.


There are many adaptors on the market which will let you connect different makes and sizes of cylinders with different regulators, including those used abroad.

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