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What are the parts of a gas hose?

What are the parts of a gas hose?

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     Two orange gas hoses with labelled parts

POL connector

Close-up of gas hose POL connector The POL, or bullnose, connector is used to connect the hose to propane regulators and is usually made of brass. It has a left-hand thread, so you turn it anti-clockwise to do it up, and clockwise to remove it.

A hose that comes with fittings attached is known as a hose assembly.

Female connector

Close-up of gas hose female connector The female connector is normally called an M20 nut, which is the size needed to screw onto a gas changeover regulator on a caravan or motorhome. Like all LPG appliances, it has a left-hand thread.

High pressure tube

Gas hose inlet cross-section showing tube diameter High pressure hose tubes in the UK have to be manufactured to BS 3212 Type 2, which means they must have at least two layers. Most have three layers, comprising an outer plastic cover, a reinforced inner layer of stainless steel or plastic mesh, and a nitrile (synthetic rubber) or pure rubber core.

The hose is measured by its internal diameter. Small single stage regulators normally require a hose size of 8mm.

Low pressure tube

Black low pressure gas hose tubing Low pressure hose tubes can be either orange or black and must meet BS 3212 Type 1 specifications.

They don’t have to be as thick as those used with high pressure appliances and can consist of just one layer, although many have two.

Hose clips

Gas hose jubilee clip Low pressure hoses don’t always come with their own connectors. Sometimes you need to secure them to the regulator with stainless steel or zinc alloy clamps called jubilee clips.

You slide the jubilee clip over the end of the hose, push the hose on to the nozzle of the regulator and tighten gently, preferably with a dedicated hose clip driver rather than a screwdriver. Be careful not to crush the hose. For more information see: What gas hose accessories are available?


Close-up of gas hose swaged ferrule A ferrule is a round metal sleeve that’s permanently swaged, or clamped, on to the end of a hose during the manufacturing process.

It’s usually made of steel or a zinc alloy, and serves as a secure connection point between the hose and the nut.

Wonkee Donkee says high pressure hoses must have factory fitted ferrules

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