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How to attach a gas hose to a regulator?

How to attach a gas hose to a regulator?

Gas regulators have hoses attached that join them to gas cylinders and appliances. It is important to properly install gas hoses on regulators to ensure the safety of gas appliances. Low pressure hoses have to be attached to regulators using round metal clamps called jubilee clips or worm drive clips.

Step 1 - Soften hose

If your hose is new, it will probably be quite stiff. Soaking it in warm water beforehand for 15 to 20 minutes will soften it up a little and make it easier to attach.

Step 2 - Slide on clip

Slide a worm drive or jubilee clip over the end of the hose and leave it slightly loose. 

Step 3 - Lubricate outlet pipe

Some people find it helpful to put a few drops of washing-up liquid on the outlet nozzle of the regulator. This makes it easier to slide the hose on.


Step 4 - Attach hose

Push the end of the hose on to the outlet nozzle as far as it will go. It should be a tight fit.

Step 5 - Tighten hose clip

Use a cloth to lightly coat each blade with some three-in-one oil to help keep rust at bay.

Step 6 - Test for leaks

Spray the join between the hose and regulator with leak detector fluid. If no bubbles appear, the connection is secure.

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