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What is a bullnose gas regulator?

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Red propane regulator with bullnose screw-on fitting A bullnose gas regulator is one with a screw-on fitting, usually called a POL connector. It is also often referred to as a male connection. POL is an acronym for the Prest O-Lite Company, which designed it. The connector has a left-hand thread, so you have to turn the nut anti-clockwise to tighten it.
Two bullnose propane regulators showing nut and handwheel Bullnose connectors come with either a handwheel, which you turn using only your fingers when attaching the regulator, or a nut, which you tighten with a gas spanner.
Wonkee Donkee says grooves on nut mean left-hand thread
Gauge showing low pressure This type of regulator is a low pressure one. It can only be used with propane cylinders and delivers the gas at a pre-set pressure of either 28mbar or 37mbar.
Connecting a bullnose gas regulator The regulator is attached to the cylinder by screwing the connecting thread anti-clockwise into the valve outlet, and is considered an easy type to fit and use.

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