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What gas hose accessories are available?

What gas hose accessories are available?

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Hose clips

Two gas hose clips with and without perforations Hose clips, also known as worm drive or Jubilee clips, are essential for attaching low pressure hoses without any fitted connectors to regulators. They are usually made of stainless steel or zinc plated steel, and have a screw which you turn to tighten the clip around the end of the hose.

Some clips come with perforations that go right through to give extra grip. However, for gas hoses it’s best to buy clips with a smooth inner surface as they’re less likely to dig into the hose.

Sign saying Quality Clips should last many years and are an important part of a regulator installation, as the hose has to fit snugly to avoid any leaks.

It’s worth buying good quality stainless steel clips. Cheap clips tend to be thinner, so they won’t last as long and are more likely to dig into the hose. Also the screw heads on cheap metal alloy clips often deform after a few uses.

Hose clip driver

Hose clip flexible screwdriver A hose clip driver is a type of screwdriver with a flexible shaft, usually made of steel, which is designed to reach awkward places.

At the end of the shaft is a hexagonal socket which fits right over the hose clip screw, making it easy to tighten without the risk of it slipping off.

Hose to hose connector

Gas hose to hose brass connector A connector is handy so you can join two hoses together if one is too short, for example when barbecuing.

They’re usually made of brass or stainless steel. You push the hose over the barb, or spigot, and then secure it with hose clips.

Quick release gas hose coupling

Quick release gas hose coupling with labelled knurled collar A quick release hose coupling is useful if you want to use the same regulator with different appliances, or to join two hoses together.

To operate the quick release, you slide back the knurled (ridged) collar to free up the other hose nozzle. They’re usually made out of brass.

T connector

Gas hose T connector A T connector is useful so you can join up two hoses to one regulator if you’re running more than one appliance.

A second appliance will slow delivery rate and use up the gas faster, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the level in the cylinder.

Hose failure valve

Brass hose failure valve Hose failure valves are used widely with high pressure appliances such as welding torches and roofing kettles. If the hose develops a leak or comes loose the valve will switch off the gas supply.
Gas torch with hose failure valve and arrow to regulator The rear of the valve is attached to the end of the hose by a connecting nut, while at the front is a POL connector which screws into the regulator.

You can buy a hose failure valve separately if your appliance isn’t supplied with one.

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