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How to fit a bullnose gas regulator?

How to fit a bullnose gas regulator

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Red propane regulator with bullnose screw-on fitting Regulators for propane cylinders in the UK are made with a bullnose screw-on fitting, usually called a POL connector. It is also often referred to as a male connection.

POL is named after the Prest O-Lite Company, which designed it. The connector has a left-hand thread, so you have to turn the nut anti-clockwise to tighten it.

Connecting the bullnose regulator

Turn cylinder valve clockwise and remove protective plug

Step 1 – Turn off gas and remove plug

Before fitting the regulator, make sure the cylinder valve is in the off position by turning the handwheel in a clockwise direction.

Take the protective plug out of the cylinder valve outlet and place nearby, ready to put back later. Some plugs are secured to the cylinder with a strap so you can’t lose them.

Checking that POL connector of regulator is free from debris

Step 2 – Check connector is clean

Check carefully that the POL connector doesn’t have any water or debris inside. Dust, dirt and insects should never be allowed to get into the regulator. Not only will these contaminate the gas supply, more importantly, they may stop the regulator working properly.

Connecting POL regulator with handwheel to cylinder valve

Step 3 – Insert regulator

Screw the POL nut into the cylinder valve outlet and tighten firmly by turning the regulator handwheel anti-clockwise, making sure it fits snugly.

Tightening a bullnose connector regulator with a spanner Not all POL type regulators have a handwheel. Some have a nut which you do up with a gas spanner. In this case, insert the connector and tighten by hand first, then finish off with a spanner.

However, be careful not to tighten it too much as you could damage the thread.

Regulator attached to cylinder with vent pointing downwards

Step 4 – Adjust regulator to correct angle

Make sure the regulator is positioned on its side, with the vent pointing down at the ground so that nothing can fall into it.

Red bullnose regulator with arrow to vent Positioning the vent upside down prevents rainwater, dust, pollen and insects getting into the regulator and clogging up the mechanism.
Switching gas back on by turning valve handwheel anti-clockwise

Step 5 – Turn gas back on

When you want to use the appliance, switch on the gas supply by turning the cylinder handwheel anti-clockwise.

Spraying connection with can of leak detector fluid

Step 6 – Check for leaks

Remember to test the connection with leak detector spray. If any bubbles appear, turn off the gas and disconnect the cylinder.

Disconnecting the bullnose regulator

Disconnecting gas regulator from cylinder Before you detach the regulator, turn the handwheel on the cylinder valve clockwise to switch off the gas.

Unscrew the POL nut by turning the handwheel or using a spanner, remove the regulator and put the protective plug back in the cylinder valve outlet. Cover the thread to protect it from damage and dirt.

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