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What is a bolt-on gas regulator?

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Blue bolt-on gas regulator Bolt-on, also called screw-in, regulators are low pressure devices used in the UK only with 4.5kg Calor Gas butane cylinders (also called dumpy cylinders due to their squat shape).
Blue bolt-on regulator with anti-clockwise arrows around connecting nut This type of connecting nut is also known as a female connection. Like all LP gas regulators it has a left-hand connecting thread, meaning you turn the nut anti-clockwise to attach it to the cylinder valve. It needs tightening with a spanner.
Blue bolt-on regulator with cylinder, camping stove and gas fridge Bolt-on regulators are used for appliances such as camping stoves, gas fridges, caravan cookers, barbecues and portable heaters. They releaseĀ gas to the appliance at a pre-set pressure of 29mbar.
Caravan being towed by car Many campers and caravanners prefer to use the 4.5kg cylinders because of their smaller size and weight, although they’re less versatile as only one type of regulator will fit them. However, you can get adaptors for use with other sizes and makes of cylinder.

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