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What is a tulip garden trowel?

What is a tulip garden trowel?

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Tulip garden trowel with labelled sharpened tips A tulip garden trowel has a deep dished blade with three sharpened tips on the end, which create the shape of a tulip.
Wonkee Donkee says "Did you know that during the 1600’s tulips in Holland were worth more than gold?"
Digging in heavy clay soil It is used to plant flowers into heavy clay soil. The tips on the end of the blade help to cut through the clay, which would be difficult with a normal garden trowel blade.
Tulip garden trowel digging a hole The sharpened tips allow the blade to cut through roots whilst digging a hole for planting. By cutting through the roots there is more space for the new plant’s roots to spread and grow, making it healthier.

What sizes of tulip garden trowel are available?

Length of a tulip garden trowel 304.8mm There is only one size available, with an overall length of 304.8mm (12″) and a weight of 226.8g (8oz).
Tulip garden trowel width 76.2mm and length 127mm The blade of a tulip garden trowel is 76.2mm (3″) wide and 127mm (5″) long.

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